Dear people of Syria,

This message comes from Internet activists of Telecomix as well as from the Emergency Communication Division. We are excited and impressed by your willing to obtain democracy and freedom, but also outraged that this fight costs so many human lives. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right but is severely repressed by your government.

As we defend freedom on the Internet, we can provide means of evading from censorship and surveillance. The following guidelines can help in avoiding detection while communicating. Please read them carefully as your life may be at stake.

  1. Assume that all your traffic can be intercepted, including all Internet connections, e-mails and phone calls (either landlines or mobile phone). In particular, your nicknames, logins, passwords, the websites you visit can be seen. Switch off and remove the battery from your mobile phone to avoid being tracked.
  2. On the Internet, do not disclose any information that may lead back to your real identity. Always use nicknames. Create several fake accounts on social media (Facebook, Twitter) and several fake e-mail addresses. Change your passwords often.
  3. Do not log onto old accounts that have been once clearly linked to your real identity. Create distinct, anonymous accounts to perform protest activities.
  4. Protect your Web browsing using SSL encryption. URLs must be prefixed by https:// instead of http:// . Connections not using SSL will be intercepted with no effort. Connections using SSL can also be spyed on, read carefully our guide at to prevent yourself from this. Major sites such as Google, Facebook and Twitter provide SSL access. Avoid those that don't.
  5. SSL alone does not prevent authorities from seeing what are the websites you are visiting. Use Tor to scramble the path between your computer and the website you visit : .
  6. Internet cafés are the worst places to be. Computers are full of governmental spying software. Do not go there unless you want the authorities to see your communications.

Youtube has been reported to be censored. We can help you publish videos, sounds, texts and leaked documents while keeping your identity protected. We have knowledge for establishing alternative means of communications using radio or dialup modems.

Contact us directly on the Syria dedicated channel on the Telecomix Internet Relay Chat network by following this link :

Good luck.